How we do it

How We Do It

Mental Performance Consulting Group offers a behavioural, methodical and practical approach to individual and organizational excellence.

Our goal is to create leaders and teams that consistently give their best performance in daily high-pressure situations.

Performance excellence is achieved when the client is able to focus, analyze and decide in a way that feels natural and effortless. We want our clients to always act in what we define as a “green zone” where pressure may be intense, but it has a positive effect, because the client is doing what he or she enjoys doing.

Too much pressure becomes stressful. Our physiological response is to survive so our vision narrows and our body becomes tense in a fight or flight mode. Our creativity shuts down and we seldom make the best choices. This is the “red zone”.


What our clients say about us

Leading a team, one of the great benefits of mental performance coaching is knowing yourself better. And because my whole team has been through this, they know themselves better.

Alan Crain
Former Chief Legal & Governance Officer, Baker Hughes

With Colin's help, I found my own path to success. He helped me develop the optimum framework for my training environment with a goal oriented and scientifically based program. When it was time to perform at my best, I was able to execute by trusting my gut feelings.

Paul Tingley
Paul Tingley
2014 IFDS World Championship, Silver Medal, Sonar Class

Colin draws on his diverse life experiences to provide coaching and leadership development that is highly tailored and effective. His experience advising world class athletes provides him with an additional perspective that adds significant value for the client.

Henry Demone
Former Chairman of the Board, Highliner

Colin is incredibly innovative and resourceful, recruiting resources and practices that aren’t typically a part of an athlete’s training plan. And perhaps most importantly, he never shied away from holding me accountable to my goals, in the most supportive way.

Alex Duckworth
Alexandra Duckworth
2014 Olympian - Canadian Snowboard Team

Leading my team to victory in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race was the most testing experience of my life. 11 months, 65,000km, and the worst mother nature could throw at us. One advantage I had over the competition was that when I was being most challenged, I could call upon Colin Guthrie at MPCG. Those conversations would always leave me with an increased perspective and an actionable plan to move forward.

Eric Holden
Skipper of Henri Lloyd and winner of the 13/14 Clipper Round the World Race.

Not enough pressure and we become complacent and, while not sensing any threat, our enthusiasm and creativity tend to ebb. Boredom can result and even though this “blue zone” is not especially stressful, it is where a lot of derailment can occur.

Red and blue zones happen and can’t be avoided. So self-awareness, which is central to our methodology, is vital to help us understand how we behave in these zones and how we can avoid them. With practice, the green zone can be created, again, through self-awareness that guides to plan and organize and set schedules so our toughest challenges are presented when we’re best able to engage them.

An engagement with MPCG begins with in-depth consultation employing assessments such as the FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation – Behaviour) and the LEA (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis). From sport psychology, The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) assessment forecasts how people perform under pressure and can predict a person’s tendencies to make mistakes.

Our assessment process is especially rigorous. It’s far more than numbers on a scale. Data obtained are both quantitative and qualitative from interview-based 360 instruments. Resulting qualitative data informs the coaching process with lengthy, comprehensive reports compiling direct quotes from all raters. Working with the HyperRESEARCH qualitative analysis application, every transcript is analyzed and discussed and forms the basis for coaching.

GoalscapeThen, it’s a coaching process with mutually derived goals for the client that are critical to the client’s day-to-day role. We establish consistent and regular one-on-one consultations in which successes and failures are discussed, insights are offered and new challenges are assigned help the client master new skills and improve on weaknesses. Ours is a project-management based process based on coaching regimens employed for Olympic campaigns. We use a cloud-based application, Goalscape, to give both the coach and the client round-the-clock access to goals, progress and documentation of the engagement.

None of this occurs in a vacuum. The goal is to get leaders outside of themselves to better engage with the stakeholders that matter most: direct reports, team members, supervisors, family members, etc.

The client defines the end game. Where does he or she desire or need to be? Some clients engage us indefinitely and others base our work around specific events that require their ultimate performance.

Goalscape goal-setting software is the best way to define, work on and reach your highest goals.

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