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We help executives and athletes define and deliver their best performance.

Mental Performance Consulting Group (MPCG) offers services delivered by practitioners with advanced training and experience in both sports science and organizational behaviour. We emphasize the idea that athletic performance and business performance are behaviourally identical. Decision-making, negotiation, and leadership under pressure are guided by both the brain and the body.

We refer to this behavioural component as mental performance and believe that it is under leveraged in business as compared to sport. Learning to excel in this area is an intellectually stimulating experience that includes assessment, self-awareness, coaching, and practice. It’s as important to success as technical and physical mastery in both sports and business.

MPCG will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, and how your performance differs across situations. Ultimately, you will learn to be in an ideal performance state for your self, clients, peers, direct reports, supervisors, and your family.

How we do it

Contact MPCG for:

High performance team development

Customized programs integrated into your team’s environment.

Refining career goals and aspirations

Building an interdisciplinary team around you to be more successful.

Leadership development strategies and succession planning

An essential process for strategic continuity.

Executive coaching

A clear and concisely documented methodology to enhance performance.

Executive onboarding and in-boarding

Merging individual performance with that of the team or organization.

"Leading my team to victory in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race was the most testing experience of my life. 11 months, 65,000km, and the worst mother nature could throw at us. One advantage I had over the competition was that when I was being most challenged, I could call upon Colin Guthrie at MPCG. Those conversations would always leave me with an increased perspective and an actionable plan to move forward."

The Mental Performance Curve Infographic

Using Self-Awareness to Manage Mental Performance